Laser Space Propulsion and Space Debris Removal

Succesful experiment in the frame of the HiLASE Open Access Project was aimed at studying the optimization and efficiency of the momentum transfer on different materials under vacuum upon repetitive-pulsed laser irradiation. Such a concept can be applied directly to space debris removal or exciting new concepts for laser space propulsion for tens-of-kg spacecraft.

An experimental campaign was performed on the HiLASE Perla-B thin-disk laser beamline in the frame of the Open Access call in the period 24 October-7 November, 2019. The experiment was conducted by French reserchers Dr. Séverine A.E. BOYER (CNRS, MINES ParisTech PSL – France ; PI of the project), Dr. Gilles TAHAN (CNES, post-doctorat MINES ParisTech PSL – France) and the HILASE team lead by Dr. Yoann LEVY. The .

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