Sunil Pathak at the 35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies

Meet our colleague Sunil Pathak from the Laser Shock Peening team at the 35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies, which will be taking place from the 18th to the 22nd of September in Hamburg, Germany. Don’t miss his talk on the topic of Investigations on Laser Shock Peening of Small Size Components.

When: Wednesday the 20th of September, 12:10 PM

Where: Helmut-Schmidt-Universität/Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Hörsaal 3


The conference is focused on industrial and advanced materials and processes for specific applications and brings together experts from research and industry.

The Laser Shock Peening technology, which Sunil Pathak focuses on, is one of our main areas of interest at the HiLASE Centre. It is use in, for example, in the aerospace, maritime, energy or biomedical fields to extend the lifespan of metal components.