The Brain4Industry innovation centre will facilitate the growth of Czech businesses B4I

Director of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Michael Prouza, along with the president of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Eva Zažímalová, and other esteemed guests, were present at the opening ceremony of the new building for the Brain4Industry innovation centre in Dolní Břežany. The centre, full of cutting-edge technologies from the area of 3D printing, will deepen the connection between science and industry and serve as a unique space, where Czech businesses can try the facility in practice and see whether it can bring them any benefits.

A full ecosystem of services will be encompassed within the centre, thanks to the collaboration of designers and development specialists (who can be of help with design, topological optimisation, and mathematical simulations), 3D printing specialists (who can aid in research and development of metal and polymeric materials, as well as the implementation of products), and post-processing experts. They will lead clients through the full product lifecycle (or its different phases) and also provide training in selected technologies so that the proposed solutions can be put into practice.

More information can be found in the Czech version of this press release.