Laser micromachining and surface treatment

Thanks to advanced technologies and our excellent research team, at the HiLASE Centre we offer  not only high-precision laser micro-machining and surface treatment, but also process optimization and analysis.

  1. High precision cutting and drilling of various materials – metals, plastics, ceramics, composites etc. With diameter down to 15 um and heat affected zone < 3 um and depth of ~10x diameter without loss in quality (depending on material).
  2. Multi-beam process development – development of new process strategies or scaling up current strategies towards higher processing speed based on multi-beam processing when number of beams, their size, shape and intensity distribution is arbitrary.
  3. Process optimization and analysis – analysis and process optimization of various laser processes including cutting, drilling, welding, joining, microstructuring, laser cleaning, etc. using variety of analytical tools – optical, confocal and scanning electron microscopes, beam profiler, spectrometer, power meters, liquid contact angle measurement device.
  4. Laser colouring of metal surfaces – color change due to surface treatment by laser beam. The most suitable material for creating an entire color palette is Titan or stainless steel. In plastics, it is often dark or slight lightening.
  5. Laser marking and engraving of variety surfaces from subtle marking on plastics to high-power marking on metal.
  6. Micro and nanostructuring for functional surfaces – fabrication of micro and nano patterns on the top surface of materials to tailor surface properties like water adhesion, friction, ice adhesion, bacteria adhesion, diffraction, etc. Anti-ice, anti-bacteria, superhydrophobic, friction reduction surfaces.