Award for the second best student paper for David Vojna at the Optica Laser Congress

HiLASIAN David Vojna, Ph.D. student in the field of numerical laser modelling, received an award for the second best student contribution at the Optica Laser Congress, ASSL (Advanced Solid State Lasers), in Tacoma. He obtained it for his oral presentation of the Faraday isolator developed at the HiLASE Centre.

“I am truly grateful for this award, it makes for a wonderful conclusion to my Ph.D. studies,” says David Vojna.

A paper describing the unique Faraday isolator for a 100J/10Hz pulsed laser was published earlier this year in the Optics Letters journal. Along with David Vojna, a whole team of HiLASE Centre researchers collaborated on the development: Ondřej Slezák, Jan Pilař, Martin Divoký, Ondřej Denk, Martin Hanuš, Petr Navrátil, Martin Smrž, Antonio Lucianetti and Tomáš Mocek. It describes the first-ever demonstration of an optical isolation of a a kilowatt average power large aperture high energy pulsed laser – the BIVOJ laser system situated in the HiLASE Centre laboratories, to be exact.

Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition 2023 is an event, which took place from the 8th to the 12th of October 2023 in Tacoma, Washington, US. It aims to provide an overview of the latest developments in the field of solid-state lasers and their innovative applications. Accompanying it, an exhibition showcased the newest products resulting from these technological advances.

Congratulations to our colleague David Vojna and many thanks to the organisers of the Optica Laser Congress for this honour!