Summer science internships 2020

At the end of summer, the Talent Academy graduates completed their internships at HiLASE Centre. Every year, HiLASE Centre and ELI Beamlines laser centres offer talented upper-secondary school students a chance to participate in the Talent Academy program. They select twelve students and allow them to spend three intense days in laboratories and work side-by-side with scientists on a specific task. The best participants of the Talent Academy are then offered follow-up cooperation in the form of summer internships, during which students take part in real scientific projects alongside our scientists. In this unique way, laser centres strive to educate the next generation of scientists and collaborators.

Daniela, Mariana, Markéta and Robert joined the teams of Martina Řeháková (Technical Support) and Jan Brajer (Industrial Laser Applications) in the HiLASE Centre. At the end of August, they presented the results of their work to Tomáš Mocek, Head of HiLASE Centre, mentors and other members of our team.

And what topics did they address?

  • Daniela Kropáčková: Processing and analysis of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Mariana Ochodková: Solidworks: Preparation of E4 laboratory and its equipment models
  • Markéta Nečasová: Optical technologies of processing
  • Robert Horešovský: Solidworks: Jet simulations, preparation of mechanical workshop and its equipment models

Many thanks to the interns for their enthusiasm for science and efforts to learn. We also appreciate the mentors for the time they dedicated to students and for the effort to pass on their knowledge. This year’s Talent Academy will take place at the beginning of October, and we are already looking forward to meeting and working with new interns over the next summer.


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