The HiLASE Centre has been granted a 6-year project entitled “Advanced designing of functional materials: From mono- to BI- and TRI-chromatic excitation with tailored laser pulses” (Acronym BIATRI) in the frames of the Operational Programme of Research, Development and Education (OP VVV) of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic, Call “Excellent Research”.

The project leader is Professor Nadezhda Bulgakova, the Leader of the Scientific Laser Application (SLA) Group in HiLASE. The project, started in December 2016, is aimed at designing new materials and enhancing material functionalities with the use of the lasers developed at the HiLASE Centre in both mono-chromatic and multi-chromatic irradiation regimes. In the frame of the project, an advanced laboratory for investigations of laser-matter interaction is being built, equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and based on innovative solutions for laser-driven experiments.

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