Laser Improved Novel Surface Engineering and Repair of Tools

In January 2023, the HiLASE Centre started a new project called “Laser Improved Novel Surface Engineering and Repair of Tools”  focused on influencing hard machining materials in order to improve their functional properties and extend their service life.

It involves use of the Laser Shock Peening technology, which prevents the propagation of cracks in the laser surface texturing and, among other things, makes the process of tool cooling more efficient. The laser treatment will be developed in combination with PVD coatings, which are typically applied to super hard tools. Laser cleaning technology will also be applied.

The project also includes the parallel development of a completely new, more efficient type of PVD coating, which will already be optimised for laser processing. The entire development will be supported by advanced computer simulations.

The output of the project should be optimized scalable production processes for inserts and drills with positive economic returns.

The project is financed from the Delta 2 programme by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.
Project number: TM04000048