National centre of competence for Materials, Advanced Technologies, Coatings and their Applications MATCA 2 | TAČR

The objectives of the MATCA 2 project build on the results and objectives of the original MATCA project. They are to strengthen the link between science and industry, to deepen cooperation with industry, and to make the application of scientific results in practice faster. The project also focuses on steps leading to business development and increasing competitiveness through product innovation and technological development within the Czech economy. The main theme will be engineering for the 21st century.

It aims to help the Czech engineering in the implementation of applied projects using the latest knowledge in the field of laser, plasma and additive technologies. It will also continue research and development of advanced materials and nanotechnologies. An important outcome of the MATCA NCC is also to build a close relationship between academia and industry, especially in areas that have not yet been sufficiently developed in this aspect.

In terms of the key areas, the focus is on materials – their development for modern engineering, advanced technologies – laser technologies, additive technologies, plasma technologies, and increasing their effective marketability, Sensorics and Digitalisation.

Project number: TN02000069

The project is financed from the National Centre of Competence programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Kick-off meeting for the MATCA 2 project at the HiLASE Centre

Members of the MATCA NCC consortium