The most powerful picosecond UV (257 nm) coherent light source demonstrated

In the HiLASE Centre we have succeeded to achieve the highest output power for picosecond pulses at a repetition rate of ~100 kHz, including the journal publications and commercial products. The deep ultraviolet radiation around 260 nm is important for materials processing, e.g. it initiates unique phase transitions on surface of some materials (the usage examined at HiLASE), due to the very short wavelength and pulse duration it can be used for very precise microstructuring of surfaces and in lithography, due to the high photon energy (4.8 eV) it enables spectroscopy of electronic transitions in molecules. An outstanding application is in science, for very efficient illumination of photocathodes in free electron lasers.

Members of RP1 team working on it: Dr. Hana Turcicova, Dr. Ondrej Novak, Lukas Roskot, Jiri Muzik , Dr. Martin Smrz

More details are available here.