Colleagues from the Institute of Phsyics visited the HiLASE Centre

On Monday the 13th of November, our colleagues from the Institute of Physics of the CAS visited the HiLASE Centre following a lecture by Tomáš Mocek (head of HiLASE Centre) and Karel Rohlena (PALS) on the topic of History of laser research at FZU within a cycle of lectures celebrating 70 years of the institute.

First, Martin Smrž, head of the Advanced Laser Development department, met with the group to explain the basics of the PERLA and BIVOJ laser systems, as well as their uses.

Applications were the main focus of the second half of the excursion, when visitors took to the experimental halls. In the Laser Shock Peening (LSP) hall, Jan Brajer (head of Industrial Laser Applications) explained the principle of LSP and showed samples peened at the station.

A presentation of Scientific Laser Applications followed in the corresponding experimental hall, led by Nadezhda Bulgakova (department head) and Alexander Bulgakov (team leader of Nanomaterials). They showed off, for example, the mass spectrometric system for studies of laser-matter interaction processes, or the device for assembley of nanomaterial structure.