Physics Tales Physics for the youngest scientists

For the youngest scientists, we prepare physics tales in which magic and sorcery are explained using physics experiments from various fields.


Embark on a journey of adventure with Aladdin and learn the basics of electricity and magnetism! Aladdin is a young boy living in the poor neighbourhood and one day a mysterious man visits his home and introduces himself as his long-lost uncle. Thus begins Aladdin’s journey, where he meets the spirit of a magic lamp, rides a flying carpet and falls in love with a beautiful princess.

In the fairy tale, we will introduce the following physics experiments:

  1. Magic wand: make your own magic wand that you can use to control, for example, a paper boat or a feather.
  2. Invisible force: with the help of a battery, a metal coil, and two magnets, create a train that moves by itself.
  3. A compass in a bowl: all you need is a needle, a magnet, a paper circle, and a bowl of water and you’ll never get lost again.
  4. A ghost made of tinfoil: with the help of static electricity you can try levitation in your own home.
  5. Electromagnet: together we will create an electromagnet, which, unlike a permanent magnet, uses an electric current and its properties are temporary.
  6. Flying bag: a plastic bag can fly with static electricity.


You know the story of Princess Lada from the fairy tale The Princess with the Golden Star on Her Forehead – our version is full of physical magic with the help of optics. The graceful Princess Lada flees her kingdom from the wizard Kazisvet, who wants to marry her. What awaits her as she flees to a neighboring kingdom?

In the story, you will learn the basics of optics with the following experiments:

  1. Color mixing: how mixing two colors creates a third color.
  2. The rainbow wheel: how the princess’s rainbow dress becomes a mouse fur coat when spun.
  3. The hesitating arrow: you just need an ordinary cylindrical glass and you can turn an arrow drawn on a piece of paper around.
  4. How to make a rainbow: you can make your own rainbow at home too, it just takes a little patience.
  5. Moving pictures: you’ll discover an experiment that movies and TV shows are based on.
  6. Multiple reflections: you can create infinity with ordinary mirrors.


The prince sets out on a journey to rescue the princess he wants to marry. Along the way, he meets three strange men who, thanks to their unprecedented abilities, help him save the princess. We bring you the magic of Long, Broad, and Sharp-eyed through the use of optics.

The experiments you will learn in this fairy tale:

  1. Periscope: make this simple device at home that lets you look around from the same height as Long.
  2. The principle of the lens: you can zoom in on a picture using a jug of water, for example.
  3. Differential colour mixing: make magic with your drawings and coloured foil.
  4. Invisible pearls: in this popular experiment, see how pearls made up mostly of water disappear in a pitcher.