First Place for Denisa Stepankova

Young researcher and a “HiLASEan”, Denisa Stepankova, won the first place in the Crytur 2020 award competition. The jury awarded her for her work Optimizing Time Parameters and Pulse Shaping of a High-Power Picosecond Laser System.

Denisa studies laser technology at the Department of Physical Electronics (KFE), Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague. At the HiLASE Centre, she has been working on pulse compressors for a high-performance thin-disk picosecond laser system and is now developing a kilowatt picosecond laser amplifier as part of her doctoral studies.

For the seventh year in a row, the CRYTUR awards have belonged to the authors of the best diploma theses focusing on material sciences. Crytur ranks among the leading technology companies engaged in the cultivation and processing of single crystals, that might be used not only for laser technology or powerful LEDs.

To learn more, see the abstract of Denisa’s article published in Applied Optics.

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