Laser Based Precise Selection and Transfer of Ultra-Nanomaterials White Paper by Dr. Nathan Goodfriend

Our colleague, Dr. Nathan Goodfriend, has prepared a white paper that introduces complex information on the topic of Laser Based Precise Selection and Transfer of Ultra-Nanomaterials.

Since the discovery of graphene in 2004, two dimensional nanomaterials which are atomically thin crystal structures, have been pursued scientifically for their unique physical properties. Their electronic and photonic properties have led to prototypes in photovoltaic devices, CCDs, field effect transistors, single photon transistors, quantum qubits, chemical sensors, energy storage devices and others.

Whilst 2D nanomaterials present a lot of opportunity for novel technologies, their intrinsically useful properties such as single crystallinity and atomic thickness, mean it is a sizable challenge to generate and manipulate them into position.

The white paper of Dr. Nathan Goodfriend introduces an all-in-one solution for positioning and placing these materials and other nano-objects, which could assist in rapid production and testing of these devices. Here you can LEARN MORE.