Laser on Aluminium Legs Paper

Our colleagues Jan Heřmánek, Pavel Crha, Karolina Macúchová, Helena Picmausová, Martina Řeháková, Luděk Švandrlík, Marie Thunová and Tomáš Mocek recently published a paper Laser on aluminium legs in the scientific and technical journal Fine Mechanics and Optics, published by the Institute of Physics of the CAS

The article reflects on the use of aluminium structural systems at the HiLASE Centre (Institute of Physics of the CAS). Structures using aluminium profiles have experienced a significant boom over the last decades due to their advanced structural and user properties. In many cases, they represent a welcome alternative to more technologically complex solutions such as welded structures. Despite the many positive features, these systems do not represent a universal cure-all for all structural obstacles, but the authors are nevertheless seeking ways to make the most of these positive features and eliminate the negatives. In the article, the authors present their philosophy of using aluminium structural systems, compare their advantages and disadvantages compared to other solutions, and show by examples the extent to which these systems are used in the conditions of the HiLASE Centre’s laser laboratories. The full article (in Czech) can be downloaded here.

The work on this article was financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic (Operational Programme Research, Development and Education; HiLASE CoE project, no. Z.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_006/0000674; NPU I programme, project no. LO1602).