Open Access – last call for proposals!

Our 4th open call for beamtime is going to end in a couple of days. Do not miss your last chance to submit your proposal – just till 15 May 2021!

Within the Open Access programme, the HiLASE Centre offers its infrastructure to other researchers free of charge. Since 2020, there is also a special opportunity for users from non-Czech, EU and specific non-EU countries that can apply for access within Laserlab Europe. To make the application process even easier, we have established a liaison office for you. Should you have any problem with the application please feel free to contact us.

The Open Access offers a great opportunity to use top-class infrastucture free of charge. We provide state-of-the-art laser systems and advanced stations for industrial laser applications, such as LIDT, laser shock peening or laser micromachining. Besides, there are many top-notch characterisation devices for your disposal within the Open Access.

However, the Open Access is not just about the infrastructure. It also opens door to new (interdisciplinar) cooperation and potentially even to new breakthroughs in scientific research. For example, in 2019 an experiment in the frame of our Open Access programme revealed the optimization and efficiency of the momentum transfer on different materials under vacuum upon repetitive-pulsed laser irradiation. Consequently, such a concept could be applied directly to space debris removal or exciting new concepts for laser space propulsion for tens-of-kg spacecraft (read more).

Here you can find all you need to learn about the Open Access programme and to submit your application.