Open Access

Since 2017, scientists can apply for beam time at the HiLASE Centre. We plan at least one call for proposals every year. Successful proposals will get access to the HiLASE infrastructure. Proposals need to be done via the electronic HiLASE Open Access Proposal Management System.

All submitted proposals will be evaluated. Evaluation process has 2 parts:
• Formal evaluation and internal technical assessment – internal evaluation within the HiLASE Centre under the responsibility of the Open Access Manager
• External evaluation and scoring – only technically feasible proposals will be evaluated by the Facility Access Panel (independent international board of experts)

Proposal will be assessed with the following criteria (from the Open access methodology):
• Scientific merit, taking into account the interest of the Community.
• Priority will be given to user groups who have not previously used the infrastructure and who would not normally have access to it.
• Selection will also take into account that the contract is intended to finance primarily short visits to the infrastructure.

Successful proposals will get access to the HiLASE infrastructure. Experimental slots of one week are available, although both shorter and longer experiments can be accepted. In order to facilitate more efficient and cost-effective experiments at HiLASE, we are closely managing the number of personnel present during experiments. If your proposal is successfully evaluated, HiLASE responsible person will contact you well in advance to facilitate the efficient organisation and planning of your campaign. We thank you for your cooperation.

Detailed describtion of the available infrastructure: Specifications of different lasers and target areas.