Ota Michálek: Fibre Laser Optimisation for Space Seminar

On Wednesday, 17.8.2022, we were happy to host a seminar of Ota Michálek on Fibre Laser Optimisation for Space.

Ota is an aerospace engineering student at UWE Bristol in the UK, excited to work in the space industry in the future. At the HiLASE Centre, he has been working on optimization and testing of the GOpico® fibre oscillator for space applications.
In his seminar, he focused on the considerations necessary to adjust terrestrial systems for applications in space. The project’s main scope was the heat flow and vibrational analysis of HiLASE GOpico® fiber oscillator which aid in finding spots vulnerable to these effects. His aim is to provide a brief introduction guide for space design which can help with the future designs of similar systems at the HiLASE Centre.