GO Pico Fibre oscillator

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Seed source for single amplifier and compact front-end of DPSSL.

Robust design of GO Pico fiber oscillator guarantees excellent beam quality and stability. The excellent properties of GO Pico make it our first choice of the seeding source for PERLA lasers. It is also now available as a product for external customers.

GO Pico is a mode-locked all-normal dispersion (ANDi) fibre oscillator with mode locking obtained by nonlinear polarization rotation, and is used as a seed source for single amplifiers and compact front-ends of DPSSLs.

2–6 ps

pulse duration

30–40 MHz

repetition rate

3 nJ

energy per pulse


power stability

GO Pico fiber oscillator

Why choose HiLASE GO Pico fiber oscillator

  • Robust & compact design
  • High beam quality
  • Stable and reliable seed source
  • Proven and tested in our own laser systems
  • State of the art system

Technical specifications

Wavelength [nm]1030 ± 102027 ± 3
Energy per pulse [nJ]1 – 31
Output power [mW]3015
Pulse duration [ps]6< 2
Repetition rate [MHz]20 – 4015 – 30
M2 [-]1.05
Power stability [%]< 1< 1
External interfaceFibre-coupled, FC/APC
External synchronizationPhotodiode (optional)
Dimensions [mm3]200 x 180 x 73 200 x 180 x 73

Operating requirements

Operating voltage [VDC]5, ± 12
Power consumption [W]< 36
Operating temeperature [°C]23 ± 3
Relative humidity [%]20 – 60 (non-condensing)

Optional features

  • GO femto
  • Built-in photodiode with SMA connector for external synchronization
  • Frequency stabilization

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