GOpico® Fibre oscillator

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Seed source for single amplifier and compact front-end of DPSSL.

Robust design of GOpico® fiber oscillator guarantees excellent beam quality and stability. The excellent properties of GOpico® make it our first choice of the seeding source for PERLA lasers. It is also now available as a product for external customers.

GOpico® is a mode-locked all-normal dispersion (ANDi) fibre oscillator with mode locking obtained by nonlinear polarization rotation, and is used as a seed source for single amplifiers and compact front-ends of DPSSLs.

2–6 ps

pulse duration

20–40 MHz

repetition rate

1 nJ

energy per pulse


power stability

GOpico® fiber oscillator

Why choose HiLASE GOpico® fiber oscillator

  • Robust & compact design
  • High beam quality
  • Stable and reliable seed source
  • Proven and tested in our own laser systems
  • State of the art system

Technical specifications

Wavelength [nm]10302072
Energy per pulse [nJ]> 1 < 1
Output power [mW]3010
Pulse duration [ps]6< 2
Repetition rate [MHz]20 – 4020
Power stability RMS [%]< 1< 1
Bandwidth [nm]< 15< 4
External interfacesFibre-coupled output, FC/APC,trigger output SMA connector
Dimensions [mm3]170 x 130 x 96170 x 130 x 96

Operating requirements

Operating voltage [VDC]5
Power consumption [W]< 30
Operating temeperature [°C]22 ± 0.5
Relative humidity [%]20 – 50 (non-condensing)

Optional features

  • GOfemto
  • Built-in photodiode with SMA connector for external synchronization
  • Frequency stabilization

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