Picosecond thin-disk laser platform PERLA for multi-beam micromachining

The HiLASE team of Martin Smrž has introduced a new paper on the potential of picosecond thin disk laser platform PERLA for multi-beam micromachining.

The method of multi-beam micro- and nano-machining of material surfaces has been gaining more and more world’s awareness as it can bring unique properties of surfaces like tailored wettability, friction, antibacterial properties, etc. As a result, this method can lead to significant energy and costs savings.


However, tailoring of long-term stable interference patterns from ultrashort laser pulses requires an extremely stable laser system with nearly diffraction-limited output beams. HiLASE Centre developed such a thin-disk-based Yb:YAG sub-picosecond laser platform, PERLA, providing average output power up to 0.5 kW with 2nd and 4th harmonic generation extensions and demonstrated its potential for direct laser interference patterning (DLIP). The kW-class PERLA 100 and PERLA 500 picosecond thin disk laser platforms were developed in the HiLASE Centre directly for industrial micromachining. PERLA platform provides sub-1-ps laser pulses with excellent power stability and beam quality as low as 1.1 at 1030 nm and its harmonic frequencies. Such lasers are an excellent tool, not only for multi-beam micromachining. Ability of PERLA platform in this field was demonstrated on direct laser interference patterning of steel, invar, and tungsten with perfect results.

Here you can find the whole article published in OSA CONTINUUM (Volume 4 > Issue 3 > Page 940).

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