Breakthrough optoelectronic materials for instrumentation

The basic goal of the project is to build a portfolio of new optoelectronic products, where the functional core of the single crystal product will be supplemented by other components to a functional instrument unit with high added value.

The long-term and very successful strategy of the main beneficiary of the project, the company CRYTUR, spol. s r.o. (hereinafter CRYTUR), consists of finding a monocrystalline material and maximizing its value by incorporating it into a world-unique product that also contains precise mechanical, optical, and electronic parts.

CRYTUR and the Institute of Physics of the ASCR (hereinafter FzÚ) have been cooperating for a very long time on this development and also have several jointly protected patents worldwide, where CRYTUR is a commercial implementer of the results. The project supports the cooperation of teams of materials scientists from CRYTUR and FzÚ with applicators and designers of instruments and instrument components from CRYTUR, HiLASE Centre, and Lightigo s.r.o. This accelerates the transfer of materials with breakthrough properties into practice and thus directly creates the conditions for the development of significantly more powerful devices towards radiation detection, geology, medicine, optics, or laser technology.