Representatives of South Korean companies at the HiLASE Centre

Representatives of the South Korean companies Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Hanwha Systems, Defense Rapid Acquisition Technology Research Institute (DRATRI) and Advanced Photonics Research Institute (APRI) visited the HiLASE Centre on Thursday 29 June. They toured the experimental stations for laser shock peening, a technology that allows up to a tenfold increase in the fatigue life of metal components. They also visited a station for laser micromachining and nanostructuring, focusing on producing functional (e.g. hydrophobic or antibacterial) surfaces – HiLASE Centre being a holder of the world record in nanostructuring speed. Finally, the guests headed to the laser laboratories to learn more about the most powerful laser system in its class, named BIVOJ, and the picosecond laser system PERLA®100, which the HiLASE Centre also supplies in a compact version for external users. The aim of the visit was to deepen the good relations and start a mutual cooperation – we are looking forward to it!