Researchers’ Night and the mystery of physics all around us

Friday’s Researchers’ Night, whose central theme was Mystery, attracted more than four hundred and fifty visitors to the HiLASE Laser Centre.

This year, the visitors could also look behind the scenes of the laser center, visit the experimental halls focused on industrial laser applications – Laser Shock Peening, and see what the work of local scientists looks like. A very interesting program was prepared for the visitors, and we believe that everyone enjoyed it.

Jan Kaufman gave a lecture “The mystery of physics all around us“, in which he revealed the secrets of modern technologies that we encounter in everyday life and that work on the basis of physics – such as GPS navigation. He also focused on time traveling and other interesting examples.

In the laser maze, everyone could try to be an Agent 007 for at least a moment. Both adults and young visitors enjoyed hunting for a light sword, and everyone tried to figure out the various light phenomena and illusions in the optical laboratory.

A knowledge competition was prepared for the young scientists, where together with their parents they went through a “mini museum” and answered questions about the HiLASE Centre, the history of lasers, and even safety and work in the laboratory.

This year’s hit of the Researchers’ Night was the Cinema for Young Scientists, where they could watch our physical fairy tales Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, The Mouse Coat and Long, Wide and Sharp-Eyed, while parents could take one of the guided tours.

Thank you to everyone who came to join us on Researchers’ Night and we look forward to seeing you at the International Day of Light in May 2024.