Technicky tydenik: LSP extends material lifetime multiple times

The HiLASE Centre is the only one in the Czech Republic with Laser Shock Peening technology. Since its beginnings in 2016, this method for laser hardening of metal parts has been significantly improved and developed, not only thanks to cooperation with major technology companies from the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to LSP, it is possible to extend the service life of a treated component by up to ten times. This is of course a very valuable feature, e.g. in the aerospace or energy industry, i.e. wherever there is a lot of stress on expensive metal parts.

You can read our full story in the new issue of Technicky tydenik from 23/3/2021. In an interview with our colleague Jan Brajer, you can also read about what not only Laser Shock Peening can be used for, but also another promising method, Laser Surface Texturing.

Read the full article here (available in Czech).

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