X‐ray Diffractometer (XRD)

  • Radiation source: fine focus Cu sealed tube (3kW X‐Ray generator)
  • Goniometer: 300 mm radius, Eulerian craddle (Theta‐Phi)
  • Incident optics: CBO, automatic variable divergence slit, monochromators
  • Receiving Optics: Ge (220) bounce analyzer, automatic receiving slit
  • 5‐ axis sample stage suitable for 50 mm large and 20 mm thick samples.
  • Software with ICSD crystallography database, Suitable for data analysis for Qualitative and Quantitative (RIR) phase analysis, Rietveld analysis, analysis of crystallinity, crystallite size and lattice stress, lattice parameter refinement, X‐Ray reflectivity and SAXS

Dr. Inam Mirza

Team Leader: Pulsed Laser Deposition; mirzam(at)hilase.cz or mirza(at)fzu.cz; +420 314 007 731

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