Development of a modular series of robotic stations for LSP Laser Shock Peening | LSP

The HiLASE Centre has received funding for a new project focused on Laser Shock Peening thanks to the TREND programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Project number: FW06010355

The aim of the project “Development of a modular series of robotic stations for LSP” is to develop a modular series of robotic stations for Laser Shock Peening (LSP) technology. The project includes the development of a processing head, process automation and the design of a specific solution for several processing stations. The HiLASE Centre will use the project to evaluate its experience and take its activities to the next level of service complexity. The project solutions will achieve material and energy savings in the production of components.

Mutual cooperation between the partners will produce a comprehensive solution for practice and create conditions for further development of LSP technology.

Project partners: