List of Bachelor’s thesis topics

Laser shock peening technique on 3D printed parts Results of the treatment of 3D printed parts are still not well described and that is a reason why one aim of our research is focused on this topic. The combination of these two techniques can bring unprecedented benefits. Ing. Jan Brajer, Ph.D. ILA
Productive laser marking Laser marking is a very popular technique in the industry but the main task in the appropriate introduction of technology is reliability and speed. Furthermore, each material has a different processing window to be properly marked. Ing. Jan Brajer, Ph.D. ILA
Automated scanning detector for beam quality measurement in the mid-infrared Laser beam quality, often described by M2 parameter, is an important characteristic of a laser beam. The beam quality is determined from beam diameter measured along the beam propagation direction at several positions. Spatial distribution of beam power can be determined even with single point detector when the slit or blade is moved in front of the detector. The slit gradually blocks the beam. The dependence of power on slit or blade positions is used to determine the beam diameter. Such system is favorable for mid-infrared wavelength range (2-8 µm), which gains in importance in recent years.
The aim of this work is to develop an automated system for beam quality determination. The system will use a scanning detector. The work includes the design of opto-mechanical layout, control of movable parts, signal processing, and evaluation.
Ing.Ondřej Slezák, Ph.D. ALD
Influence of laser beam size and wavelength in the determination of LIDT  The laser-induced damage resistance of large optical components remains an important limitation for the maintenance costs, reliability, and the further development of high-energy laser systems. Traditionally, the laser-induced damage thresholds (LIDT) are performed on small samples and using small laser beam sizes (usually limited by the laser output), but these test results tend to be quite different if compared to the actual damage intensities when used with these high-energy lasers. Determination of the relation between testing beam size and the damage threshold value needs to be investigated for common optical path components – dielectric mirrors. Wavelength influence in the damage threshold value can be investigated only for the metallic or dichroic mirror. Mihai-George Mureșan, MSc., Ph.D. ILA

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