SHUTTERLASE 1100 Laser safety device

Laser safety Laser safety
Protection against hazardous laser radiation
Laser Micromachining Laser Micromachining
It is not necessary to switch off the technology when changing the workpiece
Material processing Material processing
When the laser machining cell is opened, the laser operator is protected

A laser safety device SHUTTERLASE 1100 is dedicated to personal safety and dangerous laser radiation protection.
By using this safety shutter your system may achieve compliance with the safety standard ISO 13 849-1, PLd and therefore meet class 1 laser system.

What does this mean in a real-life application?
If you open a laser processing station or laser cutting cell to change the workpiece it is not necessary to shut down the entire technology. Your laser can keep running safely in the enclosure.

It’s designed to be simply and quickly integrated into a safety interlock circuit.

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EN ISO 13849-1

30 ms

opening time

50 ms

closing time

SHUTTERLASE 1100 | safety laser device designed to protect people from hazardous laser radiation

Why choose SHUTTERLASE 1100

  • Compliance with the safety standard for machinery EN ISO 13849-1 in the PLd safety class
  • Suitable for high power pulsed lasers
  • Suitable for long-term opening (even indefinite under operating conditions)
  • A safety sensor is included for signaling closing, suitable for integration into the user's safety circuit (interlock); an opening sensor also included
  • All components are of industry standard (24V control, 24V signaling), compatible with safety PLC. The shutter includes safety relays, so the user only connects the signal to open
  • Fast opening (30 ms) and closing time (50 ms)
  • Compact size (no need to place 2 shutters behind each other due to PLd compliance)

Technical specifications

Wavelengths500-530+1000-1060 nm
Average powermax. 72W
Input aperture15 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)227 x 88 x 100 mm

Operating requirements

Operating voltage24V/1A
Operating temperature23±1° C
Relative humidity20 – 50 % (non-condensing)

Standard configuration includes

  • Optics for 500-530+1000-1060 nm
  • Safety relay
  • Opening and closing sensors
  • Passive cooler

Optional features

  • Different wavelength
  • Different power
  • Water-cooled heat sink

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