Representatives of the HiLASE Centre on a collaboration mission in Vilnius Mobility of research, technical and administrative staff

Representatives of the HiLASE Centre participated in an internship programme in Vilnius, Lithuania. The aim was to learn about strategic management and processes at FTMC, including visits to selected hi-tech companies represented by the Lithuanian Laser Association (LLA) in order to establish or deepen existing cooperation in the form of joint projects or contract research.

Both sides shared their experiences and best practices with each other, for example in the areas of strategic management, collaboration with industry, regional ecosystem building, etc. HiLASIANS also had the opportunity to visit laboratories and production facilities of local institutions and see practical demonstrations of technologies and applications. The visited institutions included AltechnaEksma OpticsLight Conversion, and Ekspla.

Finally, there was a discussion on potential collaboration and joint involvement of HiLASE, FTMC, and other entities from the innovation ecosystems in both countries.

The following HiLASIANS were in attendance:

Thank you to Kristina Ananičienė, head of the Lithuanian Laser Association (LLA), for organization and support!

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