The safety of working with laser pointers: an article by Helena Vohnikova in the Proceedings of the Heureka Workshops

You can find a new article on the topic of The safety of working with laser pointers by Helena Vohnikova, the laser safety officer of the HiLASE Centre, in the most recent Proceedings of the Heureka Workshops. In it, you can find out more about which laser pointers are safe to use and what to be wary of.

Aside from ensuring the safety of the HiLASE Centre laser laboratories, Helena Vohnikova also focuses on spreading the word on laser safety and providing training in this area. She leads the more general Laser Safety Training (LST), as well as the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training offered by the Centre.

The Proceedings of the Heureka Workshops are a source which gathers useful information (not only) for physics teachers. The Heureka Project, which publishes the Proceedings, is made up of teachers and friends of physics, who have the goal of transforming the curriculum so that it is more attractive and interesting to the students.

The article was created with the support of Strategy AV21 – research programme 17: Light at the service of society. This programme was designed to develop innovative laser technologies across different fields and establish Czech research and industry as ones of world-class standards. Laser safety is a crucial part of that.

You can download the full Proceedings HERE (in Czech).

Meet HiLASIAN Helena in an interview (in Czech).