Our Laser Systems for Open Access

We would like to invite you to take a closer look at our superlasers that are now available within the Open Access programme.

To start with, we would like to introduce our high energy nanosecond laser called BIVOJ. It is a holder of several records. In 2021, the system was operated for an hour at a pulse energy in excess of 145 J (with a maximum of 146.5 J) in 10 ns pulses at a repetition rate of 10 Hz at a wavelength of 1030 nm! Later that year, the high energy output from BIVOJ was converted (via second harmonic frequency conversion) to 515 nm wavelength pulses with an energy of more than 68 J at a repetition rate of 10 Hz – the world’s highest average power in the category of high energy (>1 J), high average power lasers. And in 2022, another world record on the BIVOJ laser system was achieved on the green. As a novelty this year we offer the third harmonic frequency and tenfold increase in energy for the Open Access users.

For the first time, we present an ultrafast laser facility (Coherent Astrella) for volumetric modification to the Open Access users. See more about its use in this article.

Last but not least, we provide you with the opportunity to work on our high repetition rate picosecond PERLA® B laser, PERLA® C laser and nanosecond DG laser. The PERLA® laser system was thanks to its excellent beam quality and high pulse energy (up to 20 mJ at 1030 nm ) used in several experiments breaking world records – e.g. a record in multibeam laser nanostructuring (40 401 beams simultaneously modifying the material surface) or a record in the speed production of laser-induced periodic nanostructures on stainless steel surface.

The call for Open Access proposals is open until 15th May – do not miss your chance to apply!