Another world record on the BIVOJ laser while converting to second harmonic frequency

The world record on the BIVOJ laser system was surpassed by 40% in the beginning of 2022, withing the collaboration between the HiLASE Centre and Central Laser Facility STFC. Converting to the second harmonic frequency, they demonstrated 515 nm, second harmonic pulses with an energy of 95 J at a repetition rate of 10 Hz.

This new record brings several benefits to the application of the BIVOJ laser systém in industry. Since some materials absorb 515 nm laser radiation better than 1030 nm radiation, this record will help process non-ferrous metals more efficiently.

Another advantage of the second harmonic frequency is that this wavelength is only absorbed by water very little, so experiments can be performed even underwater. This is important for applications such as Laser Shock Peening.

Find out more about the world record in the PRESS RELEASE.