Laser Day for Universities at the HiLASE Centre

On Tuesday 2 May, the HiLASE Centre hosted another laser day for university students. This time it attracted mainly students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU and also of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, who were interested in the topics of our bachelor’sdiploma and dissertation theses. They were particularly attracted by the opportunity to see the laser centre up close and the chance to combine science and research with practical applications for industry in their future work.

At the HiLASE Centre, we have long-standing collaborations with a number of universities to help students kick-start their scientific careers. They can not only write their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis here, but also gain a lot of experience thanks to the guidance of our colleagues. For more information about opportunities for students, click HERE. If you are interested in a specific topic or a long-term internship, just contact us at For more information on why it is interesting to work with us, please click HERE.

And if you’d also like to get a glimpse of the state-of-the-art laser centre, you can come visit us – for example, as early as May 20 during International Day of Light or in the autumn during Researchers’ Night (Oct. 6) or Academy of Sciences Week (Nov. 6-12). If none of the dates are convenient for you, don’t worry – we have a virtual tour ready for you.

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