Students & Graduates

HiLASE Centre perceives cooperation with students very positively. „Popularization and educational activities are taking place for the general public, and we also place great emphasis on cooperation with primary and secondary schools, but, most importantly, we engage with universities, ” says Ing. Tomáš Mocek, Ph.D., Head of the HiLASE Centre.

Secondary and High schools

For several years, high school students have been able to participate in the Talent Academy and Science Challenge projects. They are activities of researchers from the HiLASE Centre and ELI Beamlines Facility, who are thus trying to educate the next generation of new scientists and attract young people to the field of natural sciences, especially laser physics, optics, engineering, chemistry, design, programming and 3D printing. They present an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills in laser physics and optics. Currently, it complements the initiative of the Academy of Sciences “Science at Home“, which is also focused on the popularization of science.


We passionately believe in the importance of investing in talented young people and preparing them for their future careers. We are looking for active and capable students and graduates who are passionate about Science, laser technology and dream of a career as a Scientist, Researcher, or Technician.

Our offer to university students and graduates

  • Help with starting a scientific career.
  • Internship during their studies – will give them an amazing insight into life and work at the HiLASE Center.
  • Unique topics of bachelor’s, diploma, and Ph.D. thesis and support from our scientists during the writing.
  • Full/part-time job offer and the opportunity to work in the international environment of a state-of-the-art laser center.
  • Direct cooperation with our researchers and the opportunity to gain experience from top scientific experts.
  • For more details click here.
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