Laser systems

Laser system “BIVOJ”

The Bivoj laser system is a kW-class nanosecond pulsed diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL). First operation of the laser at the end of 2016 demonstrated amplification of 10 ns pulses at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate to the energy of 105 J at 1029.5 nm, representing the world’s first kW average power, high-energy, nanosecond pulsed DPSSL. More details.

LASER SYSTEM "BIVOJ": Diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPSSL) DiPOLE 100

Laser system “PERLA”

The PERLA beamlines are based upon Yb:Yag thin disk technology, offering ps and fs pulses at average powers up to 1 kW, over a range of energy and repetition rate combinations. The main operating wavelength is 1030 nm, however generation of up to the 5th harmonic as well as Mid-IR generation allows operation down to 200 nm, up to over 3000 nm is available. More details.