Research and Development

The HiLASE Centre closely cooperates with a number of universities and research institutions both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Our vision is to become one of the respected leaders defining the trends in high power laser applications. To be the first-choice R&D partner for companies and research organizations seeking innovative laser technologies and solutions, on the Earth and beyond…

We are eager to push the boundaries of laser technologies beyond their current limits, search for new applications and contribute to the prosperity of the Czech and European economy, daily lives of people and sustainable future. We strive to inspire the next generation of laser scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

We are a part of the European Digital Innovation Hub Brain4Industry, supportive and open platform for industrial innovation and advanced production technologies.

To researchers from other foreign institutions, we offer Open Access to our top-class facilities, based on a successful proposal.

To our partners, we offer laser solutions and technologies, such as laser shock peening, laser induced damage threshold, laser micromachining, compact laser PERLA® 100, fibre oscillator GOpico® or laser safety trainings.