New characterisation devices and workstations now available within Open Access

In the HiLASE Centre we use top-class characterisation devices. They are now available also to other users in the frame of the Open Access programme. The call for proposals is open until 15 May 2023.

What do we have to offer? Check it out here:

  • Scanning electron microscope with imaging resolution of 1.2 nm, accelerating voltage between 200 eV to 30 keV, multi‐Ported large specimen chamber and more;
  • X-ray diffractometer featuring 5‐ axis sample stage suitable for 50 mm large and 20 mm thick samples and software with ICSD crystallography database (see more);
  • Raman spectrometer & Atomic force microscope providing direct Raman access from side and top allowing simultaneous Raman and AFM Measurements (more);
  •  Laser Scanning confocal microscope with objective lens magnifications: from 5x‐100x and total magnification capability: 5x‐17,280x (see more).

New this year we offer also

  • PLD workstation for thin film deposition and laser ablation plume analysis – high vacuum chamber reachable to < 5×10-6 mbar base pressure; possibility to perform ablation plume spectroscopy and study ablation plume dynamics (read more);
  • Reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer (RETOFMS) combined with vacuum chamber  – detected mass range 1-5000 u for positive ions and 1-3000 u for negative ions (more here).

Here you can find further details about our top-notch infrastucture.