Multi-Modal Laser-Fabricated Nanocomposites with Non-Invasive Tracking Modality and Tuned Plasmonic Properties

HiLASIÁN Yury Ryabchikov, senior researcher v oblasti mid-IR a bioaplikací (oddělení Vědecké aplikace laserů – SLA), nedávno pubikoval článek v odborném časopise Crystals.

Celou studii s názvem Multi-Modal Laser-Fabricated Nanocomposites with Non-Invasive Tracking Modality and Tuned Plasmonic Properties, která se zabývá nanokompozity vyráběnými za pomoci multimodálního laseru, najdete na webových stránkách nakladatele.

Anotace (článek je v anglickém jazyce):

Ultrapure composite nanostructures combining semiconductor and metallic elements as a result of ultrafast laser processing are important materials for applications in fields where high chemical purity is a crucial point. Such nanocrystals have already demonstrated prospects in plasmonic biosensing by detecting different analytes like dyes and bacteria. However, the structure of the nanocomposites, as well as the control of their properties, are still very challenging due to the significant lack of research in this area. In this paper, the synthesis of silicon–gold nanoparticles was performed using various approaches such as the direct ablation of (i) a gold target immersed in a colloidal solution of silicon nanoparticles and (ii) a silicon wafer immersed in a colloidal solution of plasmonic nanoparticles. The formed nanostructures combine both plasmonic (gold) and paramagnetic (silicon) modalities observed by absorbance and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopies, respectively. A significant narrowing of the size distributions of both types of two-element nanocrystals as compared to single-element ones is shown to be independent of the laser fluence. The impact of the laser ablation time on the chemical stability and the concentration of nanoparticles influencing their both optical properties and electrical conductivity was studied. The obtained results are important from a fundamental point of view for a better understanding of the laser-assisted synthesis of semiconductor–metallic nanocomposites and control of their properties for further applications.