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Access to the HiLASE Facility Beam time applications for the period 10/2017-9/2018

Dear Colleagues,

We invite proposals for access to the Perla C and Bivoj lasers and LIDT and LSP target areas for the period 10/2017-9/2018. The deadline for submissions was prolonged till Thursday, 31st August, 2017, 12 pm (noon). Please find attached related documentation for this call for Open access (Project proposal form and Open access methodology).

Results of the first Open access call

Please contact the Panel Coordinator, Vaclav Svoboda (svobodav@fzu.cz), if you have any difficulty during the submission process.

Further Details and Contacts

Please find attached the specifications of different lasers and target areas:

Experimental slots of one week are available, although both shorter and longer experiments can be accepted. In order to facilitate more efficient and cost-effective experiments at HiLASE, we are closely managing the number of personnel present during experiments. If your proposal is successfully evaluated, HiLASE responsible person will contact you well in advance to facilitate the efficient organisation and planning of your campaign. We thank you for your cooperation.

We encourage you to contact an appropriate staff member to discuss your requirements (laser parameters/target area requests etc.) prior to submission. In particular, any non-standard configurations or technical requirements should be discussed with the appropriate facility staff (see below). To enable us to provide a technical feedback to the access panel, please make sure that you provide as many experimental details as possible in the proposals.


Open Access Manager: lucianetti@fzu.cz 00420 314 007 707

Perla C: smrz@fzu.cz 00420 314 007 752

Bivoj: divoky@fzu.cz 00420 314 007 721

LSP target area: brajer@fzu.cz 00420 314 007 758

LIDT target area: vandaj@fzu.cz 00420 314 007 747

Instructions for submitting proposals

All proposal should be submitted electronically at the following email address: (openaccessproposal@hilase.cz)

Evaluation criteria

Applications for time on Perla C and Bivoj are reviewed and prioritised by the Open Access Manager of the HiLASE Centre and by the Scientific and Industrial Advisory Committee (SIAC).

Your proposal will be assessed with the following criteria (from the Open access methodology):